Fees and Uniform


Ballet, Grades, National, Greek, Flamenco, Drama and Singing, Modern, Tap and Jazz fees must all be paid in full within two weeks of  the commencment of term.


All uniform is available at the school at cost price


Leotard and skirt - the main school colour is purple. all children in the Pre-Primary, Primary, Baby and Junior classes should wear a purple leotard and skirt.
Intermediate class pupils should wear burgandy.
senior class pupils usually wear black.
Alternative colour leotards may be worn for other classes, i.e. Grades, Coaching / Private lessons, Greek, National, etc.

Leggings - pupils may wear either matching leggings, pink or white ballet tights or socks. Socks should be plain white or pink and short length.

Ballet shoes - these can either be pink or black leather, pink or white satin.
leather shoes are preferable for class work, as they are more hard wearing.
Pointe shoes should not be worn until advised to do so by Miss Claire.
these must be properly fitted.

Tap shoes - there are several types of tap shoes. For the beginner - low heel canvas available in black or white, or pvc low heel in black.
From 10 years and over pvc cuban heel available in black, or leather low heel or cuban heel in black.
Advanced students, Oxford tap shoes available in black or white and various quality.
One bar cabaret shoes can also be worn.
Most tap shoes are fitted with toe taps, Heel taps should be purchased seperately. Teletone heels and taps should be fitted for festival work.
Jazz shoes - are optional for modern-jazz classes for older students.

Hair must always be neat and tidy and in a bun for all classes. 
Loose hair and pony tails are not acceptable.
No loose alice bands, etc should be worn.
No jewellery should be worn for classes.
No loose t-shirts, sweatshirts or tops should be worn for classes. 


Black shorts with plain white t-shirt.
White tights or plain white socks.
Black ballet shoes.
Tap shoes - canvas, pvc or leather with toe and heel taps.
Jazz shoes in black or white are optional.

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